Taranaki, New Zealand

Welcome to Ricoh Taranaki

At the foot of the mountain is Ricoh Taranaki.

Do you want to partner with a company that is a local leader, is nationally supported and internationally recognised?…

We are a locally owned and operated exclusive Ricoh Dealership which is staffed by people who are both passionate and positive about the business and their province. We excel in providing and servicing market leading solutions in the document technology arena.

Our valued customers benefit from the dedicated service provided by not only Ricoh Taranaki, but also the invaluable support received from Ricoh, both nationally and globally. Our customers receive the personal local touch backed by international clout.



Ricoh Taranaki believes in providing a strong, stable and sustainable business platform to operate from. The positive results from this philosophy, can be measured in the outstanding growth that Ricoh Taranaki has experienced and IS experiencing to date. Ricoh Taranaki also has a proud environmental record.

Once again, welcome to Ricoh Taranaki, please feel free to have a look around, afterwards you can contact us, we are just a click away.